The Bodhi
"Money is the one true Evil. Nature is the actual God. Morality is an engraved Lie. Music is Life. Written word is Power."

[Architecture is the most kickass artform.]
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Ancient proverb (via ficksing)

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Mom, I can’t save during a battle!


the word “hoe” gets thrown around way too loosely I did not religiously suck dick to share that title with you virgins running a porn blog

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there are millions of starving kids in africa and miley cyrus has 15 chapstick egg things 


did you seriously take the time to count exactly how many chapstick eggs she had before making this post?

counting isn’t actually as difficult and time-consuming as you would imagine

I only got 14… where’s the last one?? And yes I got the white one between the two yellows and the one she’s holding.

There’s a light blue one hiding behind her fingers? I missed that until I recounted.

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